Adlerian Therapy

Not enough research.

What is Adlerian Therapy?

  1. Encouragement in therapy by the therapist

    Alfred Adler
    Alfred Adler
  2. Belief in the potential of the client
  3. Making patient aware of their “secret life plan”
  4. Alternative outlooks (for example, the importance of social interests)
  5. Positive psychology interventions
  6. Therapy involves finding “individual strengths, virtues, and areas of well-being” (Hamm, Carlson & Erguner-Tekinalp, 2016).



Hamm, J. S., Carlson, J., & Erguner-Tekinalp, B. (2016). Adlerian-Based Positive Group Counseling Interventions with Emotionally Troubled Youth. The Journal of Individual Psychology, 72(4), 254-272. doi:10.1353/jip.2016.0021


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