Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): Large Effectiveness

Large effectiveness: 1.0

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

1. Clients are asked to develop an understanding of relationship between actions and element5-digital-352043-unsplashemotions, with actions being seen as the cause of emotions.

2. Based on principles of operant learning and focuses on remediation of deficient language, imitation, pre-academics, self-help and social interaction skills.

3. Works on challenging behaviors, social skills, communication skills, and daily living skills.


Some techniques:

  1. Discrete Trial Training: “What color is this?” Child says, “Blue,” you give them a reinforce such as a high five, over and over again- Discrete Trial Training: “What color is this?” Child says, “Blue,” you give them a reinforce such as a high five, over and over again
  2. Verbal behavior: “Point to blue. What category is blue in?”
  3. Naturalistic teaching: Sounding out the word “swing” little by little, in order to get a push on the swing, get a push on the swing for every sound that the child says that sounds like the word swing, “-ing” is enough



0.83 large effect: overall outcome effectiveness (Ejiyeh, Abedi, & Behnamnejad, 2015)

0.93 large effect: increased cognitive skills (Ejiyeh, Abedi, & Behnamnejad, 2015)

0.15 no effect: did not improve social development (Ejiyeh, Abedi, & Behnamnejad, 2015)

1.58 large effect: reduced problem behaviors (Richman, Barnard‐Brak, Grubb, Bosch, & Abby, 2015)

1.50 large effect: improved receptive and expressive language and communication skills (Virués-Ortega, 2010)


Ejiyeh, A. M., Abedi, A., & Behnamnejad, N. (2015). Effectiveness of applied behavior analysis (ABA) for children with autism spectrum disorders in Iran, 2005-2013: A meta-analysis. Iranian Journal Of Psychiatry And Clinical Psychology, 21(1), 17-25.

Richman, D. M., Barnard‐Brak, L., Grubb, L., Bosch, A., & Abby, L. (2015). Meta‐analysis of noncontingent reinforcement effects on problem behavior. Journal Of Applied Behavior Analysis, 48(1), 131-152. doi:10.1002/jaba.189

Virués-Ortega, J. (2010). Applied behavior analytic intervention for autism in early childhood: Meta-analysis, meta-regression and dose–response meta-analysis of multiple outcomes. Clinical Psychology Review, 30(4), 387-399. doi:10.1016/j.cpr.2010.01.008

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