Attachment Therapy

Not effective and harmful.

What is Attachment Therapy?

1. Used typically with fostered or adopted children with disobedience and a perceived lack of gratitude or affection for their caregivers.

2. The problems are due to the inability to securely attach to parents because of suppressed rage due to past abandonment.

3. Main form of therapy is so-called, “holding therapy,” which involves a child firmly held or laid on by therapists or parents.

4. Holding therapy is supposed to produce those feelings of rage with the goal of achieving “catharsis.”

5. After catharsis, the rage is released and overcome. Then the client reverts to infantile state in order to be re-parented, for example, utilizing such actions as cradling, bottle feeding, and enforced eye contact.

6. Attachment therapy is used to create new attachment in current caregivers.

7. Many of these techniques have led to several deaths of children and other harmful effects.

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