Body Psychotherapy

Not effective: 0.03

What is Body Psychotherapy?

  1. A Body Psychotherapy session might involve the therapist initially asking the clientjon-flobrant-234565-unsplash to bring awareness of themselves to the flow of energy from their body to the ground.
  2. Stretching, vibration, and breathing exercises are taught to the client so they can experience a sense of connection to the flow of energy.
  3. Use of therapeutic touch brings awareness to body tension. The therapist encourages relaxation.
  4. Therapist provides a reassuring hand on the shoulder or biodynamic massage, depending on the client.
  5. Body Psychotherapy also comes in the form of dance/movement therapy interventions.
  6. People sometimes stop breathing when they want to block feelings.
  7. People reconnecting with their breath brings balance and relaxation.



0.03 no effect: no effect on schizophrenia symptoms (Priebe, Savill, Wykes, Bentall, Reininghaus, Lauber,& … Röhricht, 2016)



Priebe, S., Savill, M., Wykes, T., Bentall, R. P., Reininghaus, U., Lauber, C., & … Röhricht, F. (2016). Effectiveness of group body psychotherapy for negative symptoms of schizophrenia: Multicentre randomised controlled trial. The British Journal Of Psychiatry, 209(1), 54-61. doi:10.1192/bjp.bp.115.171397

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