Brief Psychotherapy: Small Effectiveness

Small effectiveness: 0.24

What is Brief Psychotherapy?

  1. Focuses on a specific problem and direct intervention.arek-adeoye-213476-unsplash
  2. Less concerned with how a problem arose than with the current factors sustaining it and preventing change.



0.24 small effect: 6-8 sessions reduced depressive symptoms (Nieuwsma, Trivedi,   McDuffie, Kronish, Benjamin, & Williams, 2012)



Nieuwsma, J. A., Trivedi, R. B., McDuffie, J., Kronish, I., Benjamin, D., & Williams, J. J. (2012). Brief psychotherapy for depression: A systematic review and meta-analysis. International Journal Of Psychiatry In Medicine, 43(2), 129-151. doi:10.2190/PM.43.2.c



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