Relational-cultural Therapy

Not enough research.

What is Relational-cultural Therapy?

1. We all have a natural drive toward relationships, and in these relationships we long seth-reese-427931-unsplashfor acceptance.

2. However, we come to believe that there are things about us that are unacceptable or unlovable.

3. Thus, we choose to hide these things; we keep them out of our relationships.

4. In the end, the connections we make with others are not as fulfilling and validating as they otherwise might have been.

Healthy relationship attributes to strive for:

1) a desire to move into more relationships, because of how a good relational experience feels

2) a sense of zest, or energy

3) increased knowledge of oneself and the other person in the relationship

4) a desire to take action both in the growth-fostering relationship and outside of it

5) an overall increased sense of worth.


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