Schema Therapy: Large Effectiveness

Large effectiveness: 1.01

What is Schema Therapy?

1. Techniques: listing pros and cons of a schema, testing the validity of a schema, orjordan-whitt-145327-unsplash conducting a dialogue between the “schema side” and the “healthy side”.

2. Eliciting upsetting childhood memories in the form of images of experiences with mother, father, or other significant people

3. Asking the patient to carry on dialogues with these people

4. Asking the patient what he/she needs from significant others and understanding these needs in terms of the associated schema

5. Asking the patient to identify which current situations have the same emotions as the images from early childhood and, thus, clarifying the links between early memories and current triggers of schemas and modes.

6. Patient fills out in-between sessions that provides a guide for the patient to organize his/her experience in terms of what he/she has been learning in the therapy



0.86 large effect: reduced borderline personality disorder symptoms (Nenadić, Lamberth, & Reiss, 2017)

0.69 large effect: reduced maladaptive schema mode reduction (Nenadić, Lamberth, & Reiss, 2017)

1.30 large effect: reduced depression symptoms (Renner, Arntz, Peeters, Lobbestael, & Huibers, 2016)

1.22 large effect: reduced depression symptoms (Renner, Arntz, Peeters, Lobbestael, & Huibers, 2016)



Nenadić, I., Lamberth, S., & Reiss, N. (2017). Group schema therapy for personality disorders: A pilot study for implementation in acute psychiatric in-patient settings. Psychiatry Research, 2539-12. doi:10.1016/j.psychres.2017.01.093

Renner, F., Arntz, A., Peeters, F. L., Lobbestael, J., & Huibers, M. H. (2016). Schema therapy for chronic depression: Results of a multiple single case series. Journal Of Behavior Therapy And Experimental Psychiatry, 5166-73. doi:10.1016/j.jbtep.2015.12.001

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