Somatic Experiencing

Not enough research.

What is Somatic Experiencing?

1. Used with PTSDverne-ho-23882-unsplash

2. Attempts to promote awareness and release physical tension that remains in the aftermath of trauma.

3. Client is helped to move to a state where he or she is dysregulated (i.e. is aroused or frozen, demonstrated by physical symptoms such as pain or numbness) and then iteratively helped to return to a state of regulation.

4. Returns individual to a normal state of regulation through the memory of someone close to them, a physical item that might ground them in the present moment, or other supportive elements that minimize distress.tom-pumford-254867-unsplash

5. Discharge may be in the form of tears, a warm sensation, unconscious movement, the ability to breathe easily again, or other responses which demonstrate the autonomic nervous system returning to its baseline.

6. The intention of this process is to reinforce the client’s inherent capacity to self-regulate.

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