Systemic Therapy: Small to Moderate Effectiveness

Small to moderate effectiveness: 0.48

What is Systemic Therapy?

1. Seeks to address people not only on the individual level, as had been the focus ofchristin-hume-316554-unsplash earlier forms of therapy, but also as people in relationships, dealing with the interactions of groups and their interactional patterns and dynamics.

2. Focus on practically addressing current relationship patterns rather than analyzing causes such as subconscious impulses or childhood trauma.

3. Approaches problems practically rather than analytically, i.e. it does not attempt to determine past causes as does the psychoanalytic approach, nor does it assign diagnosis (who is sick, who is a victim), rather systemic therapy seeks instead to identify stagnant patterns of behavior in groups of people such as a family, and address those patterns directly, irrespective of analysis of cause.



0.59 moderate effect: improved mental health in children and adolescents (Riedinger, Pinquart, & Teubert, 2017)

0.27 small effect: improved mental health in children and adolescents at follow-up (Riedinger, Pinquart, & Teubert, 2017)

0.51 moderate effect: improved psychiatric disorders short-term (Pinquart, Oslejsek, & Teubert, 2016)

0.55 moderate effect: improved psychiatric disorders long-term (Pinquart, Oslejsek, & Teubert, 2016)



Pinquart, M., Oslejsek, B., & Teubert, D. (2016). Efficacy of systemic therapy on adults with mental disorders: A meta-analysis. Psychotherapy Research, 26(2), 241-257. doi:10.1080/10503307.2014.935830

Riedinger, V., Pinquart, M., & Teubert, D. (2017). Effects of systemic therapy on mental health of children and adolescents: A meta-analysis. Journal Of Clinical Child And Adolescent Psychology, 46(6), 880-894. doi:10.1080/15374416.2015.1063427

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